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Home Care Agencies

At Bill McCarthy and Associates we work with almost every home care agency in the state of Ohio and Florida.

Home care agencies provide a valuable service to help keep people in their own homes as long as possible. However, hiring someone to provide daily care can even be more expensive than an assisted living facility or nursing home, particularly if someone needs care 24/7.

Most people are not aware that there may be financial assistance from the Veterans Administration to help pay for home care. For more information about the VA go to the Veterans Benefits page of our website. At Bill McCarthy and Associates we are experts in helping people obtain funds to pay for home care.

In today’s busy world it is a lot different from our grandparents’ world where family members would take care of aging parents. Families are more geographically disbursed, households require two incomes and children today, as much as they want to, are not trained to provide the care necessary. Altogether, it is frequently advantageous to hire the help you need.

Because we work with so many agencies, call us if you need guidance or a recommendation as to who to call for help. Our telephone number is 330-656-5580.